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What Makes Hirschl Ballet Unique

"When you get, Give. When you learn, teach." 
At the HSDA, we see students, not as they are now- but as they shall become- at their fullest possible potential. Using individualized mentorship and guidance, we provide the opportunity for anyone to become the best version of themselves.
What makes us unique? The HSDA is run as a place of education, rather than as a business. Our success is defined by the accomplishments and satisfaction of our students and parents.
We work with our students to put together a realistic long-term schedule where they can excel. Students can enjoy the art to the fullest, and still have time and energy to do justice to academics and have a life outside the studio.
 Reasons to dance with the HSDA:
♦ We teach to serve the students
, not ourselves.
♦ Curriculum, technique & teaching methodology based upon physical safety.
♦ Lessons that start & end on time:
We respect you, and understand your time is valuable.
♦ Open for regular lessons year-round.
We use a "build-up" teaching method
. This includes building self-confidence and a healthy self-image.
♦Well organized non-mandatory dance recitals and dance productions.
PLACEMENT & PROGRESSION: Students are moved by individual evaluation and assessment when they have mastered the curriculum of that level according to HSDA standards, rather than by class or age.

DANCE RECITALS are an important part of the training process, but are non-mandatory at our studio. Talent is showcased as students are given the opportunity to perform in front of an audience. We spend most of the year teaching students how to become better dancers and performers before teaching a dance routine. Students who choose not to participate in recitals still get value from the lessons. Even the youngest student will know how to do each step properly, including proper French names for the ballet.

Recital fees and costume prices are kept low and realistic. (HSDA recital fees include a T-shirt and full-length DVD of the show.) The Hirschl School of Dance Arts always puts effort into the true definition of a "recital"; showing off what the students have learned in the prior year, and giving them the opportunity to perform in front of a live audience. We do not hide the talents of the performers behind glitzy costumes. We give all performers an equal opportunity on stage.

Our costumes, choreography and musical selections are always tasteful and age-appropriate. As proof, we will happily send you a DVD of last year's production at no charge or obligation. Just E-mail us your address, and we'll send one to you. Note: All Sunrise Ballet productions are separate from HSDA recitals and presentations.

Equal emphasis, attention and respect is given to all- regardless of talent, age, level, potential, physique, or reason for taking. The process of learning and continuously growing is enjoyable and worthwhile: A philosophy that will be valuable to students for the rest of their lives.

Competitions: We are competitive in that we stimulate our students to strive for self-improvement. We do not participate in "competitions". We treat dance as a physically demanding art form, rather than a competitive event. All HSDA students are taught to compete only with themselves in a continuous state of growth & progress. Anyone who loves to dance and has chosen to do so is already a winner.

All our students dance for the enjoyment. Although most are "recreational", some do more: Over the years, HSDA students have learned from us, then joined directly with numerous prestigious groups: Pittsburg Ballet, Joffrey Ballet, Long Beach Ballet, Stuttgart Ballet, New York City Ballet, School of American Ballet/New York, San Francisco Ballet, Houston Ballet and Princeton Ballet. Many have also used our methodology and teacher training on to become reputable teachers in their own right. ALL our students receive the same quality of education, no matter why they are taking dance.

Choosing the right school is an IMPORTANT DECISION. It is an investment of time, effort and money. The right teacher and school can produce a physically and emotionally enjoyable experience, filled with many positive side effects that will be enjoyed for a lifetime.

We understand the SIGNIFICANCE of what we do. Whether you pursue dance as a career or simply for the joy of the art, HSDA standards will not vary. Students get a sense of accomplishment from each lesson as well as the long-term of the training process.

One of the important things that make HSDA dance training methods unique: We include "thinking" in the process. Most teachers at other studios make sure the steps appear correct, like a sculptor shaping his piece of marble to take it's form. The marble has no mind of it's own, so he does not need to explain the process. At the Hirschl School, we go beyond that. We include the why & how, with complete explanation of how to think each step through. HSDA students learn how steps are supposed to correctly "feel" by engaging and correctly using the right sets of muscles.

At the Hirschl School of Dance Arts, we meet or exceed the Physical Education Model Content Standards for California Public Schools grades Kindergarten Through Grade Twelve and the Visual and Performing Arts Content Standards for California Public Schools (Dance Content Standards).

HSDA Studio Safety Procedures Information

Mission Statement of the Hirschl School

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Note to ponder: Anyone can say anything they want on websites. We've also noticed quite a few dance studios have copied our words, thoughts & mission statement. That's nice, but we stand by the words we've hammered out decades ago. Read our studio Mission Statement, as it is the studio "Bible" we live by. As proof, you are welcome to come in to the studio: Watch any class, speak with any parent or student at any time (Try not to disturb a lesson, of course!). They will give you their honest opinion of our studio and it's workings. Every studio has it's own strengths and will be a good fit for certain wants & needs. Choose carefully, as it's an important investment of your time, effort and money. There are many good studios in the area. We should know; Many of them have teachers that received much of their dance education and teacher training with us.

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