We are primarily a ballet-based school.
In addition to Ballet, we have qualified instructors also teaching:
    JAZZ DANCE designed for ballet and non-ballet dancers, incorporates correct warm-up and dance technique. The HSDA offers a variety of methods & orientations from Fosse to Lyrical to Fusion.
    MODERN Contemporary & Lyrical are their own art movement forms, having both a neo-classical & contemporary format, often taught with either a ballet or jazz style base.
    HIP-HOP in its truest form. Started in Los Angeles in the early 1970’s, this style of dance has its beginnings in night club & social dance.
    TAP levels beginning, intermediate and advanced, featuring both rhythm and show tap.
   PILATES to assist with body alignment, posture, flexibility, balance, abdominal strength, and a reduction in back, neck and joint pain.
    ZUMBA taught by certified Zumba instructor Pearlene Brar.
Check the current CLASS SCHEDULE for days and times these are offered!
Preparatory Dance
for 4, 5 & 6 year olds is a basic ballet & tap combination class.
Emphasis is placed on Eye-hand/eye-foot coordination exercises, Loco-motor and non loco-motor exercises, Lengthening attention span, Timing, rhythm and musicality, Basic lesson etiquette, Developing the teacher/student relationship, working with pier groups & partners in a positive & nurturing learning atmosphere and Preparation of basic movement functions for beginning levels of dance. Students get the opportunity to see how fun dance truly is. The enjoyment of the art of dance is started at this level and will last them a lifetime (2 lessons per week suggested).
This class level has a special lower tuition rate!