Sunrise Ballet Nutcracker Audience Q and A

Basic questions people ask, and answers:

Q: I'm in a high school drama club. Can I still get the 1/2 price tickets for my group? A: Yes.

Q: I have a baby. Does everyone need a ticket? A: Congratulations, and yes. (It's highly suggested that children under 2 years not attend.)

Q: How long is the performance? A: About 2 hours, give or take 5 minutes.
Q: How big is the Servite Theater? A: It has a 1,000 seat audience capacity
Q: Is there an intermission? A: Yes. (But the theater does not allow us to sell anything on premises, so plan accordingly.)
Q: Can we eat & drink inside the theater? A: No, the theater management does not allow that.
Q: Parking? A: Parking is free in the theater parking lot.
Q: Who gets the 1/2 price deal in my scout or church group? A: All of you- the leaders, parents helping out, even extra family members.
Q: Scout patches? A: Yes! They are $1 each. Let us know how many you'll need, and we will send them to you after the production. We don't give them out at the theater.
Q: Can we take pictures during the performance? A: No, sorry. No photos or videotaping inside the theater.
Q: Can we meet the dancers? A: Yes, the Corps de ballet members of the SB will come into the lobby right after each performance. You can meet & get photos with them. (For the safety of the rest of cast, only the corps members are allowed to do this.)
Q: How do I get to see the others in the cast after performances? A: The audience will be cleared, then the rest of the cast will be ready to see & pick up after they have changed into street clothing.
Q: Can I go backstage? A: No. For security and safety of our cast & crew, only authorized persons are allowed on stage, backstage or dressing areas.

The Nutcracker on YouTube- The whole story in 5 minutes!

Q: How many years has the Sunrise Ballet done the Nutcracker? A: 2015 was our 27th year.
Q: Is the show the same as last year? A: NO! The Sunrise Ballet Nutcracker is re-choreographed and re-staged each year. This makes it fresh and new for the cast & audience.
Q: Is this a dance studio "recital"? A: NO! The Sunrise Ballet is a performing company, not a dance studio.  
Q: Do you hire professional dancers to do the lead roles? A: NO! We have enough talented local dancers right here. Besides, why take those parts away from dancers who have worked very long and very hard- and deserve them?

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