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Sunrise Ballet

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Our Beginning: The SB has been serving Orange County since 1987, starting with a production of an original story-ballet "The Dream". Since 1988 it has performed "Nutcracker" with bright new and original staging and choreography each year. In January 1999, it became a California 501-C3 non-profit organization and changed it's name to Sunrise Ballet. The COO has lived in the immediate area since 1964, the artistic director is a curriculum coach/teacher in the Anaheim City School District.

Goals of the "Love of Dance" Awareness-to-the-Arts program: To provide professional training- without bias toward talent, finances or physique. To recognize and explore talent, ability and potential. To develop & nurture enthusiasm, teamwork, patience and devotion in a positive atmosphere. To provide lecture/demonstrations to public & private school free of charge. To be a valuable positive asset to the community in all situations deemed morally and ethically correct. To maintain the idea that all members share the love of dance as an end in itself.

Goals of the Sunrise Ballet: Goal #1: To give back to the community that has given us so much. We've donated to Camp Snoopy for the Deaf, Lamb of God Lutheran Church of Anaheim, The Blind Children's Learning Center, CHOC Hospital (Cancer research department) and the Ebenezer Church of Los Angeles. Half price and free tickets are given to worthy groups such as Scouts and local youth groups. Goal #2: To enrich, educate and enlighten. One way we do this is through lecture/demonstrations at public & private schools. (Examples: our mini-performances at UCLA and a series of lecture/demonstrations at the public schools in the Placentia/Yorba Linda School District) Lecture/demonstrations include a history of dance, the athleticism of the art, the influence of music, costuming, and other related fields. Part of our mission statement is to give these lecture/demonstrations free of charge. We're not here to make a dollar- we're here to make a difference. Goal #3: The production of original children's story ballets, and to make them available to anyone who may never have the chance to see a ballet.

SB Corps de Ballets, June 2012
missing Mary C. & Madison H.

Official Insignia of Sunrise Ballet

Where the Money Comes From, and Where It Goes: The Sunrise Ballet is funded by your generosity, grants from local businesses, local governments, proceeds from performances, charitable foundations, and fund-raising events. By your generosity, you help empower the Sunrise Ballet to enrich the arts and the culture in our community.

Your donations are allocated towards Expanding our existing local community outreach and free lecture/demonstration programs. Starting new and maintaining existing dance scholarship programs to children in the area who might not otherwise get exposure to the arts. Producing original children's ballets to benefit the community. Maintaining low ticket prices for performances so that more people can enjoy what we have to offer. Funding a repertory of performances, and helping pay for shoes, make up, costumes, sets, scenery and rehearsal space for the company dancers.

With your contribution, you will become recognized as a positive influence by being a benefactor to the arts in your community!

Donations over $50 entitle you to two free tickets at our next season of "The Nutcracker", plus honorable mention under our benefactors listing in our next performance program.

Donations over $100 entitle you to four free tickets, plus honorable mention in our performance program.

Donations over $250 we will do the above, and also put a plaque on our company wall with your name on it.

Please remember, all donations are tax-deductible. Your sponsorship is very much appreciated! Donations may be sent to:

Sunrise Ballet,

1012 Tustin Avenue,
Anaheim, Ca, 92807
For information, call:


You'll have the appreciation of the corps de ballets of the Sunrise Ballet!

The Sunrise Ballet, Inc., a California Independent non-profit organization

501-C #33-0829097




Girl Scouts!
Field Trips and educational lecture/demonstrations are available at HSDA! Completely FREE! Contact us for information.

Girl Scout troops (Discount includes troop leaders, accompanying parents & siblings) also get tickets at HALF PRICE!

Nutcracker PATCHES are also available: $1 each.
Troop leaders: When ordering tickets, make sure to get them by mail or by coming in to the Sunrise Ballet facility.

Girl Scout patch

Anaheim Center for Performing Arts (aka Servite) SEATING CHART and How to get to the Theater on MapQuest

The Nutcracker on YouTube- The whole story in 5 minutes!


Basic questions people ask, and answers:

Q: I'm in a high school drama club. Can I still get the 1/2 price tickets for my group? A: Yes.

Q: I have a baby. Does everyone need a ticket? A: Congratulations, and yes. (It's highly suggested that children under 2 years not attend.)

Q: How long is the performance? A: About 2 hours, give or take 5 minutes.
Q: How big is the Servite Theater? A: It has a 1,000 seat audience capacity
Q: Is there an intermission? A: Yes. (But the theater does not allow us to sell anything on premises, so plan accordingly.)
Q: Can we eat & drink inside the theater? A: No, the theater management does not allow that.
Q: Parking? A: Parking is free in the theater parking lot.
Q: Who gets the 1/2 price deal in my scout or church group? A: All of you- the leaders, parents helping out, even extra family members.
Q: Scout patches? A: Yes! They are $1 each. Let us know how many you'll need, and we will send them to you after the production. We don't give them out at the theater.
Q: Can we take pictures during the performance? A: No, sorry. No photos or videotaping inside the theater.
Q: Can we meet the dancers? A: Yes, the Corps de ballet members of the SB will come into the lobby right after each performance. You can meet & get photos with them. (For the safety of the rest of cast, only the corps members are allowed to do this.)
Q: How do I get to see the others in the cast after performances? A: The audience will be cleared, then the rest of the cast will be ready to see & pick up after they have changed into street clothing.
Q: Can I go backstage? A: No. For security and safety of our cast & crew, only authorized persons are allowed on stage, backstage or dressing areas.

The Nutcracker on YouTube- The whole story in 5 minutes!

Q: How many years has the Sunrise Ballet done the Nutcracker? A: 2017 was our 29th year.
Q: Is the show the same as last year? A: NO! The Sunrise Ballet Nutcracker is re-choreographed and re-staged each year. This makes it fresh and new for the cast & audience.
Q: Is this a dance studio "recital"? A: NO! The Sunrise Ballet is a performing company, not a dance studio.  
Q: Do you hire professional dancers to do the lead roles? A: NO! We have enough talented local dancers right here. Besides, why take those parts away from dancers who have worked very long and very hard- and deserve them?

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