The studio will be CLOSED Thursday, Friday & Saturday, March 29th, 30th & 31st.  Makeup lessons are not needed.

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Instead of Summer Intensive or Dance Camp!

Summer 2018: The Hirschl School is offering "Summer Dance Arts Education" You can take a series of extra classes (in addition to your regular classes) at a greatly reduced rate during the summer months. Advantages:
1. The cost is far less than a traditional summer intensive or dance camp.
2. You can make your own summer schedule (and still go on that family vacation).
3. You will have teachers that already have the signature of your child (exactly what needs to be worked on) rather than someone that will be "flying blind" with your child.
4. You get progress reports showing the status of your child from multiple aspects.
5. There will be guest teachers coming in for master classes (to be announced).
6. There will be Workshops on a variety of pertaining subjects (to be announced).
7. More convenient drive/travel time.
8. Any student currently taking a leveled class can take advantage to this (Real intensives start at 12 years old at the youngest).
9. No need to audition: We already know the student & their abilities better than anyone else.
10. You can take one class per week or a dozen, since you’re making the schedule!
   Contact Mr. Hirschl personally for details. Not all classes will be a part of this program, (there will be a list) and the student must still be enrolled in & paying for the same amount of regular lessons they are currently taking. The offer is only valid for classes between June 11th & August 31st (a 12 week period). There are no extensions. The payment must be one of the amounts shown below:

10 classes: $50
20 classes: $90
30 classes: $135
40 classes: $180
50 classes: $225