The studio will be CLOSED
Saturday, August 18th
Studio News and Events:

Show your HSDA pride! Auto window stickers are on the bulletin board at the studio. Not to worry about peeling them off again: They are vinyl, not paper, and easy to remove.

Class starts Saturday, June 23rd 10:30am.

A lot of people carry muscle tension that they may not even know they have, but is affecting their ability to dance, and even will follow them outside the class. If a muscle is constantly carrying tension, it isn't capable of fully contracting or relaxing while moving, limiting its range of motion for both strength exercises and flexibility. In particular, a lot of dancers have tense calves and hips, which decrease range of motion for pliés and any leg extensions.

Flexibility and mobility are different, and mobile muscles/joints can become more flexible. The first steps taken in the class, then, is to release muscle tension (primarily through foam rolling initially), then work can be accompliched on mobility and flexibility.

Students are taught optimal foam rolling techniques, how to stretch muscles that they may not know how to release, and help them with problem areas unique to their body.

It is recommended students bring are a towel if they have issues with knees on the floor and a foam roller (if you have one). No prior dance experience needed, as this is not a dance class. Contact Mr. Hirschl by e-mail or a note in the box.

Tuition went DOWN!
New regular tuition rate for Preparatory Dance (ballet & tap combination class for 4, 5 & 6 year olds) is being reduced by 25% starting July 1st. This is not a temporary “special” rate or just for a limited time. This brings it to $42 per month (when paid at the regular quarterly rate of $126). 
Class description is on the "Types of Dance" page and on the "Ballet Classes" page. Contact the HSDA for details.

Free & Open-to-the-Public AUDITIONS for the 30th season of SUNRISE BALLET NUTCRACKER to be held Saturday, August 18th at the HSDA facility in Anaheim. There will be no classes that day.

Male & Female dancers: Beginners: 9:00am. Intermediate: 10:30am. Advanced: 12:00pm.

We also need: Boys (6-12 years old, no dance experience needed) and Adults (men & women over 25, no dance experience needed) for the Party scene. Party Adult parts count as volunteering. For these parts, contact us any time during auditions.

Details and full rehearsal/performance schedule will be on the Cast Information page 

Rehearsals will held at the HSDA facility. Rehearsals are separate from HSDA lessons. The Sunrise Ballet is an independent California 501C-3 non-profit organization devoted to the cultural enrichment of the community.

Three performances set for December 8th & 9th.

FYI: This is a ballet performance produced by the Sunrise Ballet, not a studio rectial. The next HSDA rectial is scheduled for June 21st & 22nd, 2019.

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