The studio will be CLOSED Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday, May 28, 29, 30 & 31.
(Makeup lessons are not needed)
Studio News and Events:

Instead of Summer Intensive or Dance Camp!

The Hirschl School is offering "Summer Dance Arts Education" You can take a series of extra classes (in addition to your regular classes) at a greatly reduced rate during the summer months.
1. The cost is less than traditional summer intensive or dance camp.
2. Make your own schedule (and still go on that family vacation).
3. You will have teachers that already have the signature of your child (exactly what needs to be worked on) rather than someone that will be "flying blind" with your child.
4. You get progress reports showing the status of you (or your child).
5. There will be guest teachers coming in for master classes (TBA).
6. There will be Workshops on a variety of pertaining subjects (TBA).
7. More convenient drive/travel time.
8. Any student currently taking a leveled class can take advantage to this (Real intensives start at 12 years old at the youngest).
9. No need to audition: We already know the student & their abilities better than anyone else.
10. You can take 1 class per week or a dozen: You’re making the schedule!
   Contact Mr. Hirschl personally for details. Not all classes will be a part of this program, (there will be a list) and the student must still be enrolled in & paying for the same amount of regular lessons they are currently taking. The offer is only valid for classes between June 11th & August 31st (a 12 week period). There are no extensions. The payment must be one of the amounts shown below:

10 classes: $50
20 classes: $90
30 classes: $135
40 classes: $180
50 classes: $225

Show your HSDA pride! Auto window stickers are on the bulletin board at the studio. Not to worry about peeling them off again: They are vinyl, not paper, and easy to remove.

The Summer schedule starts right after the recital and goes from June 11th to August 31st. the schedule will be posted the end of May. Most classes will remain the same, there will be a few changes. check the calendar for closed days and special events.  

Class starts Saturday, June 16th 10:30am.

A lot of people carry muscle tension that they may not even know they have, but is affecting their ability to dance. If a muscle is constantly carrying tension, it isn't capable of fully contracting or relaxing while moving, limiting its range of motion for both strength exercises and flexibility. In particular, a lot of dancers have tense calves and hips, which decrease range of motion for pliés and any leg extensions.

Flexibility and mobility are different, and mobile muscles/joints can become more flexible. I've noticed for myself, as I've worked on my mobility, I am able to reach my optimum flexibility more quickly in a static stretch. I don't have to waste time getting down all the way. I can reach my optimum & work on increasing flexibility from there.

The first steps taken in the class, then, is to release muscle tension (primarily through foam rolling initially), then work on mobility and flexibility.

I teach students optimal foam rolling techniques, how to stretch muscles that they may not know how to release, and help them with problem areas unique to their body.

I would recommend students bring are a towel if they have issues with knees on the floor and a foam roller (if you have one).

No prior dance experience needed, as this is not a dance class.

Contact Mr. Hirschl by e-mail or a note in the box to try this class out on June 16th!

New Class: Pointe, Pre-pointe & Bun class.
All the things you need to know about pointe work. This is a part-lecture class. We will also work on how to put hair up properly in a bun. Tuesdays at 5:30pm, taught by Mr. Hirschl. Enrollment by email ( This class starts June 12th.