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Studio News and Events:

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Tuition went DOWN!
New regular tuition rate for Preparatory Dance (ballet & tap combination class for 4, 5 & 6 year olds) is being reduced by 25% starting July 1st. This is not a temporary “special” rate or just for a limited time. This brings it to $42 per month (when paid at the regular quarterly rate of $126). 
Class description is on the "Types of Dance" page and on the "Ballet Classes" page. Contact the HSDA for details.
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Flexibility class: Saturdays at 10:30am for ballet level  3 & 4 students.

The information taught in this lesson will be invaluable to all dancers in their long-term progression, and is symbiotic to the growth in their technique. The vast majority of dancers don’t even know how to achieve optimum flexibility. This will give all participating HSDA students a distinct advantage in this area: Something I’m always looking for.

Christina Brandolino is the teacher. She has been trained in progressive anatomical flexibility.

A lot of people carry muscle tension that they may not even know they have, and it is affecting their ability to dance. If a muscle is constantly carrying tension, it isn't capable of fully contracting or relaxing while moving, limiting its range of motion. In particular, a lot of dancers have tense calves and hips, which decrease range of motion for pliés and leg extensions.

Flexibility and mobility are different, and mobile muscles/joints can become more flexible. When a dancer works on mobility, they are able to reach optimum flexibility more quickly in a static stretch. There is less wasted time getting down all the way. The optimum can be reached more easily.

The first steps taken in the class, then, is to release muscle tension (primarily through foam rolling initially), then work on mobility and flexibility.

Students are taught optimal foam rolling techniques, how to stretch muscles that they may not know how to release, and help them individually with problem areas unique to their body.

Special Notice of Saturday Classes:

There will be special limited classes on Saturdays Dec. 15th, 22nd and 29th.

Adult ballet:
9:30-10:30am (Mr. H)

Pointe class (all levels):
10:30-11:30am (Mr. H)

Advanced ballet (specialty subjects for ballet levels 4, 5 & 6): 11:30-1:00 (Mr. H)

Adult ballet
11:30-12:30am (Ms. Debra)