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Auto window stickers are on the bulletin board at the studio.

Not to worry about peeling them off again: They are vinyl, not paper, and easy to remove.

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The Hirschl School is an official vendor for
Sky Mountain, Excel, I-Lead and Valiant!

Our Mission Statement

(It's what we stand by and live by at HSDA)

Quick and efficient communication is always a good thing! To all active Patron Families, get on the studio "Remind" app. On your phone, call “81010” and enter the studio code “@balletwmrh”
Foot Arching Device: $25
Therabands (blue 42-inch: $5)
Pinky Balls ($2 each)
on sale at the studio!

Make your own facemask for dance class!

Returning to In-Studio Lessons
All students must be registered in advance for any lessons they take  when we re-open. ALL students, ALL lessons, ALL teachers.
HOW REGISTER:  Use the form below. 
NO drop-ins or makeup lessons without prior permission. You MUST contact Mr. Hirschl directly & in advance. Limited class size, so register early! In-studio (soft opening) lessons start June 15th. Full schedule will start Monday, July 6th.
Post-Pandemic procedures will be in effect: Masks, distancing in class & in lobby, hand washing,
reduced class size, facility sanitation.
May 25th, 2020:
Note to all HSDA Patrons: Even though I had no "symptoms", I had the COVID-19 test done last week. The results came in negative. I want to make sure that when we re-open, I was not a possible asymptomatic carrier.
As of June 5th, we will start in-studio lessons (soft opening) Monday, June 15th.
We will reopen fully Monday, July 6th
According to the C.D.C. and the Orange County Health Organization,
and the California Governor, Dance Studios will be officially allowed
to open again Friday, June 12th.
I prefer to re-open my doors when it's legal, rather than open
before that. I do this because it's the right thing to do,
the ethically correct thing to do, and the legal thing to do,
and because I care about the health
and safety of my Patron Families.
Yes, I'm hearing some other studios in the area
are already opening up- they can do as they wish.
Please stay safe, and thank you for your support.