The REMIND app:
Effective 2-way communication is the currency of the 21st century.
Get on the studio "Remind" app. On your phone,
call “81010” and enter the studio code “@balletwmrh”
If anyone has any questions about anything concerning re-opening, scheduling, or ANYTHING else concerning the HSDA, contact Mr. Hirschl directly.
DO NOT contact the staff, as that's the way you'll get inaccurate information. The teachers have been hired to do a professional job of teaching, not to provide you with logistics.
Use the HSDA "Remind" app, or e-mail:
Group and Private Lessons
The health and welfare of our students take precedence, as they have since 1972. When taking group classes or private lessons, they will be safer in our studio than in a department store, mall, supermarket or restaurant. For info, contact me. Here is a video about it

Online classes at the Hirschl School are unique: I am not at the studio, demonstrating steps on the dance floor, and having students play “follow the leader”. I'm is at home, sitting in front of the screen, watching the whole class the whole time. I'm correcting, taking questions and giving answers. Classes are interactive & progressive, and students are learning and improving.

 Significant modifications have been made to the online classes to make sure they are safe. Examples: Less jumps & jarring movements, and more emphasis on technique, body alignment & curriculum. Classes are modified to work well in a 6x6 foot space.

 See for yourself: The first 2 classes are FREE to anyone who hasn’t taken an online class with Mr. H. No charge, no obligation. We just want to show you there really is a difference. 

Enrollment is now starting for May 2021!
Enroll before 5:00pm, April 20th, whether I.O.C. or in-school. Walk-in's will be turned away. If you're already enrolled and have no changes, you're all set! HSDA Safety Protocols will be enforced. Patron safety comes first. We're not out of the woods yet. I update this  ews page daily. If you have any questions, contact me directly.
All tuition will be updated starting April 1st, 2021It is suggested that all Patrons start paying the regular tuition as of April 1st. Refer to the HSDA Policy sheet or contact me at:
The pursuit of the dance arts is a great stress & anxiety reducer for all ages!
Please refer us to a friend; That's how we've been getting our Patrons since 1972. Gratitude,  Mr. H

OC is moving into ORANGE TIER Thursday, April 1st.

There are NO CHANGES to the class schedule for April.

The deciding factor in making changes to the schedule: YOU.

Many of you are still waiting to return to in-school classes.

All safety protocols will stay in place.

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New Classes: The ADULT Body Exploration and Analysis class

Monday and Wednesday at 9:00pm, and Tuesday & Thursday at 8:00pm
Passive Stretching & Conditioning concepts, with extra emphasis on correct posture and body alignment. Individualized techniques for adults and teens. Find and keep your own realistic pace.
No dance steps involved, no equipment needed, no experience needed. Classes are $7 each.

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