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Our Mission Statement

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Effective 2-way communication is the currency of the 21st century.
To all active Patron Families, get on the studio "Remind" app.
On your phone, call “81010” and enter the studio code “@balletwmrh”
Foot Arching Device: $25
Therabands (blue 42-inch: $5)
Pinky Balls ($2 each)
on sale at the studio!
Returning to In-Studio Lessons
All students must be registered IN ADVANCE for any lessons they take  when we re-open. ALL students, ALL lessons, ALL teachers.
How to enroll or do makeup lessons:
NO drop-ins or makeup lessons without prior permission. You MUST contact Mr. Hirschl directly & in advance. Limited class size, so register early! In-studio (soft opening) lessons start June 15th. Full schedule will start Monday, July 6th.
Post-Pandemic procedures will be in effect: Masks for anyone not taking lessons, distancing in class & in lobby, hand washing, reduced class size, facility sanitation.
May 25th, 2020: Note to all HSDA Patrons: Even though I had no "symptoms", I had the COVID-19 test done last week. The results came in negative. I want to make sure that when we re-open, I was not a possible asymptomatic carrier.
Temperature checks: As per the CDC & OC Health Department orders, we are checking the temperature of every person entering the studio with a no-touch infrared thermometer.
To make a donation to the Sunrise Ballet, contact Mr. Hirschl via e-mail at
You can send the donation to Sunrise Ballet, 1012 north Tustin Avenue, Anaheim, CA, 92807. If it's donated this way, there are no fees taken out (like on Venmo, Paypal, etc.)
Our California non-profit organization status number is #33-0829097  
If anyone has any questions about anything concerning re-opening, scheduling, or ANYTHING else concerning the HSDA, contact Mr. Hirschl directly.
DO NOT contact the staff, as that's the way you'll get inaccurate information. The teachers have been hired to do a professional job of teaching, not to provide you with logistics.
Use the HSDA "Remind" app, or e-mail:

Reasons to choose the Hirschl School of Dance Arts: What makes us UNIQUE.

It’s that time again! HSDA Summer teacher trainee recruitment.

The Hirschl School is always looking for new blood. For the last 35 years we’ve been known as the wellspring for great dance educators. Catch-22: Most studios don’t hire unless you’ve had teaching experience. It takes a lot of effort, time and gamble to take potential and refine it into a true educator. I’ve been putting my 48 years teaching experience on paper, all the things I’ve learned along the way. I’ve put together an extensive publication that I share with a special few who have shown the qualities to becoming a natural educator.
We’re also looking to expand our horizons:
We’re looking for teachers in Ballroom, Hula, Irish, Modern/Contemporary, Hip-Hop,
Shuffle dance, Acting and acrobatic/Tumbling.
If you know someone, please send them our way!
When we reopen, the HSDA has dance floor space for rent for lessons, meetings and a wide variety of other uses. Contact Mr. Hirschl for details.
OK, how about this: Students get into their tights and leotards, and put their hair up nicely. They put on sneakers, not ballet shoes. They come to the studio, and we do the lesson OUTSIDE in the parking lot.
We corden off an area, bring the barres out, and have class in the parking lot. Modifications? Yup- some steps won't work well with street shoes, but there are still LOTS of things we can do to have a great dance lesson!
Observers can pull out chairs and watch!
Friday, July 17th, we had two experimental lessons: Ballet levels 1 & 2 at 9:30 AM, and Ballet levels 3 & 4 at 10:30 AM. I want to have more of these. If you're interested, let me know today... like right now.
"The easier part is getting to the pinnacle. That’s the part everyone sees. The harder part is maintaining it once you get there. That’s the part very few even comprehend. It all depends on what's truly important to you."

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August 10th, 2020:
We are not holding in-studio lessons because:
A/ The county & state government says so.
B/ It's the right and safe thing to do.
C/ My conscience would bother me if I did.
There are several studios in the area that are holding in-studio lessons.
That's really up to them, of course. If they can rationalize that it's OK
to do within the realm of their ethical standards, so be it.
It's a lot like shoplifting. People and groups have made it clear
that you shouldn't be doing it. You can rationalize that the store
has planned for it, and that their profits will outweigh the little bit you lift.
You know it's wrong, but you can still do it... until you get caught.
After all, it's really up to your moral and ethical standards,
and how you rationalize them, isn't it?