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Auto window stickers are on the bulletin board at the studio.

Not to worry about peeling them off again: They are vinyl, not paper, and easy to remove.

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The Hirschl School Mission Statement

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The REMIND app:
Effective 2-way communication is the currency of the 21st century. Get on the studio "Remind" app. On your phone, call “81010” and enter the studio code “@balletwmrh”
If anyone has any questions about anything concerning re-opening, scheduling, or ANYTHING else concerning the HSDA, contact Mr. Hirschl directly.
DO NOT contact the staff, as that's the way you'll get inaccurate information. The teachers have been hired to do a professional job of teaching, not to provide you with logistics.
Use the HSDA "Remind" app, or e-mail:

Reasons to choose the Hirschl School of Dance Arts: What makes us UNIQUE.

When we reopen, the HSDA has dance floor space for rent for lessons, meetings and a wide variety of dance and non-dance oriented uses. Contact Mr. Hirschl for details.

Samples of Photography from The Mind of Mr. H. To schedule a shoot with Mr. H:

Moms and Dads: Definitely worth a read. It directly concerns you children and their future.

CALENDAR November and December 2020

To ALL EDUCATORS that teach online, whatever the subject- Definitely worth a read.

The Sunrise

Corps de Ballets

trying on costumes


Nutcracker 2020.

Sunrise Ballet Nutcracker 2020! December 12th & 13th.

Tentatively 3 performances, possibly 4. This will be live-streamed, plus a small live audience for each performance. Details and updates will be on this page!

Monday, November 16th, 1:00PM:

Effective Immediately: OC is in the purple tier again.

All our classes are now full interactive online again. Links for all classes are on the ONLINE CLASS LINKS page. We are in process of adapting most staff onto online classes at this time. We follow all governmental guidelines and do everything we can to assure the safety of our Patrons.