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Semester Lesson System at HSDA

Click here to download the fall 2017 semester class registration form

As of September 1st, 2016: WE ARE ON THE SEMESTER SYSTEM.

Our semesters:

1st Semester: Jan. 31st to June 30th (5 months: Feb-Mar-Apr-May-Jun)

2nd Semester: Sept. 1st to Jan. 31st (5 months: Sep-Oct-Nov-Dec-Jan)

Students must be enrolled in specific lesson days & times during each semester. All students must re-register for classes before this time even if they are already in the class. The registration form must be handed in before August 19th, 2017. All class requests are subject to verification and acceptance by Mr. Hirschl.

Late registration & class changes mid-semester: There is a $25 fee per class to make any changes to your schedule during the semester. Brand new students starting during mid-semester must speak directly to Mr. Hirschl for details.

Any lessons taken that the student is not enrolled in will be charged at the single lesson rate.

Tuition payments: The semester system concerns the classes you are enrolled in, not the tuition. Tuition will remain the same and you can pay year round using the option you find most convenient. No changes are needed if you are paying the regular (quarterly), semi-annual or monthly tuition. Only the lessons are set on the semester system, not tuition payments. It is assumed that students are taking lessons year round, so the tuition can still be paid the way you've been paying. For details, refer to the HSDA Policy Sheet. If any change to your tuition is not detailed on the Policy Sheet, you must speak with Mr. Hirschl directly.

Makeup Lessons: You must contact us in advance of missing a lesson to get a makeup lesson. You must let us know which lesson you intend to take as a makeup. Makeup lessons must be made within 4 weeks of the missed lesson. Read the Policy Sheet page for details on Makeup lessons.

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