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Recital 2018 Cast Information

If you would like to participate in the recital, you must sign up BEFORE Saturday, January 20th. You must also be sized for your costume on Saturday, January 20th, anytime from 8:00am to 2:00pm. 

click here to view the 2018 Recital Cast Information as of January 8th (PDF)

Hirschl/Sunrise Dance Recital 2018. Version 1-8-18. There may be changes to this: Check your e-mail & website for updates!

PERFORMANCE FEE: $80 per family. This includes one full-length recital DVD plus one recital T-shirt (per performer). Costumes are not a part of the performance fee. The performance fee is due by Saturday, January 20th. If it is not turned in by that date, we will assume that you are not participating.

PARENT VOLUNTEERING DUTIES: One parent/guardian of each participant under 18 years old must volunteer for a duty. Sign up by Saturday, January 27th. After that date a $125 tax-deductible donation will be accepted in lieu of volunteering. Donation/exemption checks are made out to Sunrise Ballet, 501-C(3) #33-0829097. Volunteer Sign up sheets are in the studio lobby information book.

COSTUME invoices: We will give you an invoice with specific information & payment deadlines. We will get these out by the first week of March. Make out performance fee, costume & ticket checks to HSDA. NOTE: To keep costs down for recitals, we only accept cash & checks.

Where: Servite (ACPA) Theater, 1952 West La Palma Ave in Anaheim, between Euclid and Brookhurst St.

Show times and dates: Saturday, June 9th, 12:00pm AND 4:00pm (all dances will be performed at both shows)


Dress rehearsal at the theater (tentative): Friday, June 8th, 5:00-8:00pm

Mandatory Photo Shoot/Costume Check Days: Tuesday, May 29th & 30th (times to be announced)

When cast should arrive to the backstage entrance of the theater: One hour prior to show times.

Length of the performance: About 2 hours, including a 15 minute intermission

TICKET INFORMATION: Ticket prices: $15 general admission. All regular seats, all ages. The group discount: Buy 10, get a 10% discount. YES, you can mix-n-match shows and get the discount, you just need to buy them as the same time. Tickets are all the same price, whatever the age of the person. Yes, “babes-in-arms” must still pay the full price, even if they only sit on someone's lap and do not occupy their own seat. It is highly suggested that children under 2 years do not attend the performance. Please inform friends and family before they purchase tickets.

Non-profit organization discounts: All tickets are $10 (No other discounts apply.) Available for Girl & Boy Scouts, PTS & PTO’s, church youth groups, High School Drama clubs, Boys & Girls clubs, Elks, Rotary, Jobes’ Daughters, Assisteens, Indian Maidens, etc. They must use an official “group” check, individuals may not make use of this offer.

All seats are assigned seating. Seating availability will be updated on the website. All tickets at the door will be $15 with no discounts. Early purchasers get the best seating choice. Tickets go on sale Saturday, May 5th. There are no refunds on ticket purchases, and there is a $2.00 per ticket exchange fee. No accumulations. To get the group discount, you must purchase the amount of tickets at the same time. You still get the discount when purchasing tickets for more than one performance. Late seating: Late comers will be seated at the back of the theater (if seating is available) until intermission to prevent disturbing the audience & performers. Where to get tickets: Tickets may be purchased at the HSDA facility, at the box office the day of the show, or through the mail. Buying tickets at the studio if no one is around to sell them to you: Please fill out the ticket purchase form and put it in the Black Box with your payment. We will usually process it within 48 hours.

REHEARSAL POLICIES: Working together as a team we’ll make this production a success and something we can all be proud of! Participation has its commitment requirements. We want all performers to know their dances, look their best, and have an enjoyable experience. You will be required to attend dance lessons during the rehearsal period. This is a commitment you must make for yourself as well as for your fellow performers. If you are not able to make the commitment, choose to not  participate. In the best interest of the rest of the cast, we have the authority to dismiss any performer from any dance if we feel it necessary.

ATTEND ALL YOUR CLASSES! Make the commitment to yourself and to the others in the cast. Do not make any outside commitments during this time that will interfere with time or energy. Clear your schedule so you are able to attend in a timely manner.

FOOD & DRINK (at the studio) are allowed in the lobby areas only. Only water is allowed past the lobby. If any cast member has any medical condition (hypoglycemia, etc.) that requires them to eat more often, the staff should be notified. Any medical conditions must be indicated in writing.

EXPULSION: We reserve the right to expel any student or volunteer who does not adhere to HSDA/SB standards, is creating a hindrance to the production, or has missed too many rehearsals. Depending upon circumstances, you may be expelled without refund of fees.

AT THE THEATER: Cast members are not allowed into the audience or intermission areas prior to or during performance or intermission. The audience is not allowed to go into any cast member area during these same times. Only official cast and crew are allowed to be in those areas.

GET PICKED UP ON TIME! If anyone is picked up late from the studio or the theater after rehearsals or performances, there will be a $2-per-minute charge, beginning at 10 minutes late, payable to the Sunrise Ballet.

QUESTIONS, COMMENTS, CONCERNS? Ask your group leader or the administrator in the studio lobby. If you need to speak with Mr. Hirschl, leave a note in the Black Box, call and leave a message or e-mail (info@hirschlballet.com). Do not disturb the teachers, choreographers or students during lessons or rehearsals.

QUICK NOTES: Make up: If you have skin that requires special make up, let us know in advance. We want everyone to look standardized: Make up details will be posted soon! Dance shoes are to be worn inside the dance school & stage areas only. Wear dance clothing with a cover-up when going to or from the theater or studio. Hair and clothing for rehearsals. Hair is to be in the proper fashion and the appropriate dance attire (tights & leotards for the ladies, solid color tights/jazz pants/bicycle pants & solid color shirt for gentlemen). Mark your belongings! Put your name on the inside of your shoes, tights, etc., where it won’t be seen. Don’t bring anything of value to the studio or theater. We are not responsible for lost items. What participants should bring to the theater: dance bag, towel, extra hair supplies, extra tights & shoes, bottle of water, something quiet (like a book) to keep them busy. A beach towel would be preferred for you to sit on when backstage. Be dressed in comfortable clothing (sweatpants and T-shirt) with tights underneath. Check your tights and shoes! Make sure they are good condition. Know in advance if you have holes or loose elastics/ribbons in either. Have extra shoes and tights with you at all times. The drop-off area is at the back stage door. Pick-up area is at the front rows of the audience area. 5 minutes after the curtain closes, it will open again, and the performers will be brought onto the stage area for pick up. Only authorized persons are allowed on stage or in any backstage areas! All performers under 16 years of age will need to be signed in & out from the responsible backstage group leader by a parent/guardian. Be patient– we are doing this for the safety of our cast and your children!

HSDA Recital Non-Participation Information

 Question: “Is recital participation mandatory?”  Answer: No. Our recitals are never mandatory.

"If my child is not in recital, do they still learn the dance?"  Answer: Yes, if they are in a participating class, they do. The dances are broken into small parts, and the technique of each individual step is corrected on all students that take the lessons, whether they are in recital or not. They still derive benefit and progress as students in classes. And they still dance during lessons: There is no "sit time" just because they are not in the actual dance. In addition, we also have several classes in each level that are non-participatory. In this way students can do makeup lessons, and we can accommodate any new students starting during this time.

Question: "Does my child need to be in the Nutcracker?" Answer: No. The Nutcracker production is not a recital, and is not done by the Hirschl School of Dance. It is a full-length ballet production, produced by the Sunrise Ballet, a 501C-3 non-profit organization. They hold free & open-to-the public auditions- students from several OC studios perform with Sunrise Ballet. They use our studio facility for rehearsals. Normally about one quarter of HSDA students perform with them.