Recital 2017 Cast Information

Updated March 12th, 2017

Some recital-related questions lots of people ask

“Is recital participation mandatory?” Answer: No, our recitals are never mandatory. We do have a participation deadline (this year it was Feb. 4th). We ALWAYS want to teach our students HOW to dance before we teach them A dance.

"If my child is not in recital, do they still learn the dance?" Answer: Yes, they do. The dances are broken into small parts, and all the technique is corrected. All students taking lessons- participating or not- will still derive benefit and progress in classes. They still dance during lessons: There is no "sit time" just because they are not in the actual dance. In addition, we also have several classes in each level that are non-participatory.

"Does my child need to be in the Nutcracker?" Answer: No. The Nutcracker production is not a recital, and is not done by the Hirschl School. It is a full-length ballet produced by the Sunrise Ballet, a 501C-3 non-profit organization. They hold free & open-to-the public auditions- students from several OC studios perform with the SB. They use our studio facility for rehearsals. Normally about one quarter of our studio performs with them each year.

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