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Recital 2017 Cast Information

This is a copy of the email sent to the cast families Monday, June 5th, 8:45am: 

We're into the final week! Reading time: 1 minute, 25 seconds. PLEASE READ FULLY!

We will need people to help bring costumes and the flooring to the theater. If you can help it would be very much appreciated. Please let me know right away so I can tell our costume director who's helping and when it will be happening.

FRIDAY: At the theater 4:50-7:55pm. Leave early enough to get there 10 minutes early. (Friday traffic, remember?) Everyone needs to be in full costume (NO makeup) on Friday. Treat it as a full performance.

SATURDAY: Makeup: Have foundation on before getting to the theater. Bring your own mascara (in a ziplock bag). Our makeup people will be doing makeup at the theater. SB Corps: Check with Mrs. H.

Hair: Have hair up (in a proper ballet bun, for most of you) before getting to the theater: Slicked back in proper ballet style with hair net, bobby pins, etc.

Clothing: Wear sweat outfits to and from the theater, and do not bring anything of value to the theater. After performances, change out of costumes (wearing the costume outside after recital is tacky).

Have something quiet to keep you entertained for the duration, and a beach towel or small blanket.

FOOD: Bring water and a clean snack (Cheerios are good). Friday is only 3 hours, so everyone should be good with just water (If they have the common-sense to eat something before they get to the theater). There is no eating in costume. Saturday is the long day. HIGHLY suggested: Bring a bag lunch, and be prepared to stay on campus for the duration. The lunch area is located to the south of the theater. There will be about 75-85 minutes in-between shows on Saturday.

General Cast calls:

Friday: 4:50pm

Saturday: 11:00am (SB Corps de ballets: Check with Mrs. H)

Performances are 2 hours & 15 minutes, give or take 10 minutes, including intermission.

There is no photography or videotaping allowed inside the theater (tell friends that plan to attend).

DROP-OFF & PICK-UP AREAS: All performers are to be dropped off at the backstage door located behind the theater by the parking lot. The pick-up place after the Saturday performances is in the audience area. 5 minutes after each performance, curtains will go up. If you are picking up, you will need to sit in the first 3 rows of the audience until they come on stage. They will need 5-8 minutes to get out of costume. DO NOT come on stage or go into the backstage areas with the performers at any time. Only authorized persons are allowed on stage or in the backstage areas with the performers at any time. NOTE: The theater management is starting to use Raptor for security.

This week, get sleep, eat well, and plan out the things you need so you can GIVE YOUR FULL ATTENTION to this production. If you have ANY questions, e-mail me right away.


Mr. H

Contact HSDA directly via e-mail at info@hirschlballet.com.

Updated March 12th, 2017

Some recital-related questions lots of people ask

“Is recital participation mandatory?” Answer: No, our recitals are never mandatory. We do have a participation deadline (this year it was Feb. 4th). We ALWAYS want to teach our students HOW to dance before we teach them A dance.

"If my child is not in recital, do they still learn the dance?" Answer: Yes, they do. The dances are broken into small parts, and all the technique is corrected. All students taking lessons- participating or not- will still derive benefit and progress in classes. They still dance during lessons: There is no "sit time" just because they are not in the actual dance. In addition, we also have several classes in each level that are non-participatory.

"Does my child need to be in the Nutcracker?" Answer: No. The Nutcracker production is not a recital, and is not done by the Hirschl School. It is a full-length ballet produced by the Sunrise Ballet, a 501C-3 non-profit organization. They hold free & open-to-the public auditions- students from several OC studios perform with the SB. They use our studio facility for rehearsals. Normally about one quarter of our studio performs with them each year.

click here to view cast information for dance recital as of 5-11-17