Hirschl School of Dance Arts Recital 2020 "ICE"
Imagine…  Allowing students to let their minds freely soar,  giving them thirst, the knowledge, and the  opportunity to see what they are capable of.
Create…  Allowing students to take what they have imagined and be able to discover and devise things  from their minds’ eye.
Express...  Providing a platform to bring their creations to life  and to be able to allow the world  to see the magic they have within them.

Adult Ballet "Mischief Waltz"

Some practice clips below:

Don Quixote- Thursday 5pm

Giselle, Act One #4, Saturday 11:30am SANA

"Love You" Monday 4:00pm

"Passacaglia" Friday 4:00pm

"Peanuts & the Gang" Wednesday 5:30

"Playful Waltz" Tuesday 3:30

"Russian Waltz" Monday 6:00pm

"Scarborough Fair" Wednesday 4:30

"The Shape of Water" Wednesday 3:30

Un'altra Vita" Saturday 10:30

"Where Do We Go from Here"

Monday 5:00pm

"First Time In Forever"

Miss Jessica's

"Do You Want To Build

A Snowman"- Miss Jessica's

"In Summer" Miss Jessica's

"Fixer Upper"

Miss Jessica

"Let It Go"

Miss Jessica's

Due to the COVID situation, there are no plans set at this time for the 2020 HSDA recital. We hope this changes, so that we may continue the tradition. Our first recital was in 1973.