About Our Recitals and Performances


DANCE RECITALS are an important part of the training process, but are non-mandatory at our studio. Talent is showcased as students are given the opportunity to perform in front of an audience. We spend most of the year teaching students how to become better dancers and performers before teaching a dance routine. Students who choose not to participate in recitals still get value from the lessons. Even the youngest student will know how to do each, proper French names for the ballet.


Recital fees and costume prices kept low and realistic. The Hirschl School always puts effort into the true definition of a "recital"; showing off what the students have learned during the prior year, and giving them the opportunity to perform in front of a live audience. We do not hide the talents of the performers behind glitzy costumes and give all performers an equal opportunity on stage.


Our costumes, choreography and musical selections are always tasteful and age-appropriate. As proof, we will happily get you a DVD of last year's production at no charge or obligation. Come in to pick one up, or give us your address and we'll send one to you.


Sunrise Ballet productions are separate from HSDA recitals and presentations. Recitals are primarily set up to give students the opportunity to present what they have learned in classes. The Sunrise Ballet is a dance company that produces full length performances designed to entertain the public.


Competitions: We are competitive in that we stimulate our students to strive for self-improvement. We do not participate in "competitions". We treat dance as a physically demanding art form, rather than a competitive event. All HSDA students are taught to compete only with themselves in a continuous state of growth & progress. Anyone who loves to dance and has chosen to do so is already a winner.



HSDA Recital Non-Participation Information


Question: “Is recital participation mandatory?”

Answer: No. Our recitals are never mandatory.

Question: "If my child is not in recital, do they still learn the dance?"

Answer: Yes, if they are in a participating class, they do. The dances are broken into small parts, and the technique of each individual step is corrected on all students that take the lessons, whether they are in recital or not. They still derive benefit and progress as students in classes. And they still dance during lessons: There is no "sit time" just because they are not in the actual dance. In addition, we also have several classes in each level that are non-participatory. In this way students can do makeup lessons, and we can accommodate any new students starting during this time.


Question: "Does my child need to be in the Nutcracker?"

Answer: No. The Nutcracker production is not a recital, and is not done by the Hirschl School of Dance. It is a full-length ballet production, produced by the Sunrise Ballet, a 501C-3 non-profit organization. They hold free & open-to-the public auditions- students from several OC studios perform with Sunrise Ballet. They use our studio facility for rehearsals. Normally about one quarter of HSDA students perform with them.


Question: “Do all classes have a dance in the recital?”

Answer: No. During recital practice time (February to the end for May) we keep a few classes open as "non-participatory" for students that choose not to participate, for all new students that start during this time, and for participating students that still want a growth/technique class.


Hirschl Ballet is one of the longest running family operated charter services in Anaheim. For us, boats and boating is much more than our career - it's our passion. We've managed to pass down a passion for the water and a love of boating through three generations, hoping for a fourth.

Our dance recital is Saturday, June 22nd, 2019. Two performances: 12pm and 4pm, at the Anaheim Center for Performing Arts (aka Servite Theater).*

May 3rd, 2019: Hello HSDA Recital participant Families!

The photo shoot is at the studio June 8th & 9th. There WILL be regular classes held on Saturday!

For the upcoming photo shoot, make sure to get to the studio at least 20 minutes before the assigned time.

Where needed, have your hair up in the proper fashion. For ballet, the traditional bun, with hairnet, bobby pins, etc. Close to the head, not oversized doorknobs, please!

Have new tights (pink Capezio #1816 or #1816c would be best for ballet) and shoes, and a tan "nude" camisole leotard (for underneath the costume).

All non-ballet performers: Check with your teacher about hair, shoes & tights.

The appointment sheet for solo photo times is in the General Information book. Yes, we do solos, duets, and even families!

All authorized backstage persons are required to be at the studio during the times your group is there. Please set the time aside- as you will be responsible for getting them together and keeping them safe and occupied during the shoot. It's also the time where you acquaint yourselves with them and vice versa.

If you're not on the list to be a backstage person, please stay in the lobby, or go to Starbuck and get me a Grande Honey Citrus Mint Tea.

There will be NO unauthorized PHOTOGRAPHY with any type of device inside the studio during the photo shoot. Do not whip out the I-phone and try to take a quick snapshot.

Photos will be available to see on the lobby computer very soon after the shoot. Photo prices will be posted in the "Photo Order Book" beside the lobby computer.

If you have any questions, check the recital section in the back of the General Information book, or contact me!

Gratitude to you for being a part of the HSDA Family- Mr. H

Where is what going to be?
Photo shoot: At the studio, June 8th & 9th
Full rehearsal: At the studio, Saturday, June 15th
Full rehearsal: At the theater, Friday, June 21st