Helpful videos to watch for practicing ballet basics and for reference:

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ATTIRE and DEPORTMENT: If you look the part and are prepared, you’ll more easily dance the part.
In-school or online, the same attire guidelines are to be followed.
1. Arrive and link in to class a few minutes early and be fully prepared (hair & attire) for your lesson BEFORE it starts.
2. Ladies; levels “Prep” to level 6 ballet: Solid color black leotard (no prints, skirts, tutus, attached or otherwise) & pink tights.
3. In cold weather: Tight fitting dance-oriented clothing (with appropriate colors) may be worn.
4. In warm weather: Tights are optional.
5. For all other forms of dance/fitness, solid colored tight-fitting dance attire is preferred.
6. Hair, for ballet 1 thru 6: Up in a proper ballet bun.
7. Hair, for “Prep”, jazz, hip-hop, lyrical, tap and adult dance: Up and off the face. (Pony tails, etc.)
8. Boys & Gentlemen: Check directly with teacher.
9. Loose jewelry/watches are not to be worn in class.
10. Do not wear dance shoes outside. You will ruin your shoes.
11. Teacher has the right to dismiss any student from lesson if not properly dressed, being a distraction.
14. Have water and a towel handy and nearby.
15. Gum chewing is strictly prohibited during any lesson.