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ONLINE LESSONS payment Info:
Read the studio Policy Sheet carefully for details on tuition. There are no refunds on payments made by credit card. You (or your child) must be registered at the school before making an online payment. You can use the regular lessons you've already paid for towards online lessons, or you can pay separately using the payment box below.
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Helpful videos to watch before taking any online lessons!

Lesson Links for June 1st to June 6th
The schedule is posted weekly because there are changes each week. Make sure you look at the PDF of the schedule which I post on the Saturday in advance! 
Online Lessons at Hirschl Ballet
ONLINE GROUP LESSONS are $10 each– you can pay online at the bottom of the “Tuition Payment” page on the website, or you may use tuition you’ve already paid towards in-studio lessons.
PRIVATE LESSONS are available online at mutually convenient times/days. Online privates are $40 per hour, plus $20 for each additional person. You can get together (online) with friends and have your own class at a time that's convenient for you. Contact me directly by e-mail or Remind.
TO JOIN A LESSON: The weekly online lesson schedule is posted on the website News Page. Scroll down and find the class you want to take, then click the link.
BE EARLY- 10 minutes is HIGHLY suggested: We start lessons on time.  
Preparation and Stuff You’ll Need:
Something to hold onto: A portable barre, chair, etc. 
Flooring: If possible, the optimum would be to get a roll of dance flooring and a sub-floor that has some give to it. A hard surface is not safe for jumps, but not everyone has a decent dance floor in their home. I've done modifications to the lesson plans to make sure the students stay safe and healthy. (Shin splints are not fun).
An Open Area to dance: A minimum 6 foot by 6 foot open area. We'll be doing barre work plus stationary center work.
An internet-capable device (phone, laptop, tablet) with a camera and microphone. The device needs to be far enough away and at waist height to get a full body view of you.
Wear something appropriate for a ballet lesson. If you look the part, you'll feel the part. Make sure it’s a contrasting color, so I can easily see you (Ex: If you’re in a dark room with black flooring, don’t wear black leotard and black tights!).
LIGHTING: Get the lights near the camera pointing towards you, rather than having a light source from behind you. Don't have lights or a window behind you.
Make sure you won't be distracted and that there's no noise in the immediate area for you.

Monday, June 1st, 3:30 PM Ballet levels 1 and 2:


Meeting ID: 873 9405 5799

Password: 065942

Monday, June 1st, 4:45 PM Ballet levels 3 and 4:


Meeting ID: 840 5148 6690

Password: 646185

Monday, June 1st, 6:00 PM Ballet levels POINTE:


Meeting ID: 897 8778 4881

Password: 076020

Monday, June 1st, 7:00 PM Ballet levels ADULT:


Meeting ID: 846 7220 4944

Password: 200192

Tuesday, June 2nd, 2:30 PM Dance-Prep with Miss Jessica


Meeting ID: 879 6712 0026

Password: 546612

Tuesday, June 2nd, 3:30pm, Ballet level 2:


Meeting ID: 878 6306 5373

Password: 744521 

Tuesday, June 2nd, 4:30PM Ballet levels 4 and 5 (90 minutes!):


Meeting ID: 826 3856 2570

Password: 386463

Wednesday, June 3rd, 3:30 PM Ballet levels 1 and 2:


Meeting ID: 853 3506 5420

Password: 007711

Wednesday, June 3rd, 4:45 PM Ballet levels 3 and 4:


Meeting ID: 811 1532 8048

Password: 280507

Wednesday, June 3rd,, 6:00 PM Ballet levels POINTE:


Meeting ID: 856 0052 6389

Password: 783064

Wednesday, June 3rd, 7:00 PM Ballet levels ADULT:


Meeting ID: 838 4182 9250

Password: 667873

Thursday, June 4th, 3:30 PM Ballet levels 1 and 2:


Meeting ID: 837 7795 2386

Password: 279225

Thursday, June 4th, 4:45 PM Ballet level 3 & 4:


Meeting ID: 831 3400 3646

Password: 144597

Thursday, June 4th, 6:00 PM Ballet levels 4 & 5:


Meeting ID: 815 4693 4447

Password: 254748

Friday, June 5th, 3:30 PM Ballet level 2:


Meeting ID: 857 1646 2690

Password: 318159

Friday, June 5th, 4:45 PM Ballet levels 3 and 4:


Meeting ID: 853 8128 1880

Password: 244317

Friday, June 5th, 5:45 PM Ballet levels POINTE:


Meeting ID: 884 3435 9101

Password: 968556

Saturday, June 6th, 10:00-11:00AM AM Ballet levels 1 and 2:


Meeting ID: 824 5920 6027

Password: 563302

Saturday, June 6th, 11:15 AM to 12:15 PM Ballet level 3 and 4:


Meeting ID: 895 2095 9822

Password: 769915

Saturday, June 6th, 12:30-1:30 PM Ballet SANA:


Meeting ID: 835 3552 9602

Password: 503143

Online Schedule for the week of June 1st to June 6th

Saturday, June 6th, 9:00 AM: Dance-Prep with Miss Jessica


Meeting ID: 849 0431 9503

Password: 892197

As of June 5th, we will start in-studio lessons (soft opening) Monday, June 15th.
We will reopen fully Monday, July 6th
According to the C.D.C. and the Orange County Health Organization,
and the California Governor, Dance Studios will be officially allowed
to open again Friday, June 12th.
I prefer to re-open my doors when it's legal, rather than open
before that. I do this because it's the right thing to do,
the ethically correct thing to do, and the legal thing to do,
and because I care about the health
and safety of my Patron Families.
Yes, I'm hearing some other studios in the area
are already opening up- they can do as they wish.
Please stay safe, and thank you for your support.