How to Start Taking Dance Classes at the Hirschl School.

1. Fill out the registration form. It’s also the insurance liability form, and needs to be filled out and returned to Mr. Hirschl before taking or trying out a class. We have hard-copy at the school, plus a downloadable version on our website.

2. Read through the attached policy sheet. If you have a question on any part of our policies, contact Mr. Hirschl directly.

Check the current class schedule and enroll for your classes. Make sure to check your selection with Mr. Hirschl. Some classes have a prerequisite.

Prior ballet experience: If the student is over 6 years old and has danced before, a placement/evaluation is needed. That means taking one lesson with Mr. Hirschl (no charge or obligation). That way we can place you in the classes you’ll get the most value and self-challenge from.

Questions of any kind: Contact Mr. Hirschl. Do not speak with the staff (They are here to teach you). This includes tuition, makeup lessons, etc.

Contacting Mr. Hirschl: E-mail is checked every day, 7 days a week, plus we have the “Remind” app. You could also put a note in the tuition/note box on the lobby counter.

Education is important, and finding & getting the best education for you is a big decision. We want you to get the most of your investment of time, effort & money. Take the time to know our school and are philosophies of dance arts education. Read through the information brochure and websites.