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Customer Testimonials:

Dear Richard Hirschl, I wanted to thank you for the beautiful Nutcracker performance that you delivered this year! I enjoyed it more than the Long Beach Convention Center professional ballet performance. I took my daughter, my future daughter-in-law and her four girls (ranging in ages from 21 to 4) to the performance and they were all spellbound! I will definitely make this a part of my annual Holiday celebrations. Thank you again, and tell the girls and ladies that they all danced fabulously! Cora

Dear Sunrise Ballet Nutcracker, I have been attending Nutcrackers for many years, and have seen every studio & dance company in Orange County. I must tell you that your advanced dancers did a spectacular job. The snowflakes and flowers dances were on par with the best I’ve ever seen. I have seen a better Nutcracker, but that was at the Orange County Performing Arts Center, and I paid $60 a ticket to see that show. You should be proud of them. Please keep up the work you do with them. They looked so happy on stage, and seemed to enjoy themselves as they danced. I plan on taking my friends and family to your 2012 show of Nutcracker! Warmest Regards-Brit McGuire

Sunrise Ballet Company-Our family watched your Nutcracker (Dec. 2011). We were really impressed. We had no idea that your presentation would be so professional. In truth, we were expecting more of a small show. Last year we watched the presentation put on through the city of Anaheim. They were good, but my kids could not understand the story the way they played it. Your version kept my kids mesmerized the whole time, and they went home clearly understanding the story of the Nutcracker! I personally thought your costumes were better, too.
The Thompson family

Dear Mr. Hirschl and members of Sunrise Ballet Nutcracker,Thanks so very much for tickets through the American Veterans Organization. It helped us feel happy through this season. My sister and mother sewed costumes for our dance studio back in Florida when I was younger. They were amazed at the costumes you had on the students. My husband actually sat through the whole show without complaining– He doesn’t like ballet, but actually liked the show! Wow! I wish my kids could take at your studio but we live in San Fernando. Keep up the great work, and Merry Christmas to you!
Michelle Commons and family.

Imee M: SBT members are cared for in an environment of discipline and encouragement, combined with a sense of belonging/family. Focused in the love for the dance arts, and in true corps de ballet spirit, each member is made to feel important, and is privileged to work as a team. SBT products have been recognized by national companies for their technique and abilities, thanks to Hirschl School of Dance Arts faculty/classes and directors Laurie and Richard Hirschl. Choreography and performance are high in standard.

Anita Smith:
The Sunrise Ballet is a great pre-professional ballet company. The level of excellence is apparent. The teachers are very encouraging of the students' pursuits and know how to help them reach their goals. The atmosphere of the studio is one of support and teamwork as opposed to the competitive and arrogant hierarchy of other dance environments. Truly, this is a company that exists for their love of the art, the students, and the community.

Wendy M:
Sunrise Ballet Theatre and Hirschl School of Dance Arts have provided my daughter with excellent technical dance skills, but more importantly have inspired her to be her best in everything she does. The teaching staff are wonderful, like an extended family who truly care about the individual dancers and their best interests. They have given my daughter more than ten years of top notch training, enthusiastic support for her personal development, and most of all, friendships that will last a lifetime. Their philosophy allows each dancer to achieve their best results, without being overly competitive. As my daughter finishes her final year with SBT and HSDA before leaving for college, I send heartfelt thanks to Richard and Laurie for the years of dedication, love and support. It has meant the world to my daughter to be a part of such a wonderful organization.

Julia Dickau:
I started going here when I was 12 with hardly any dance experience. I was freaking out when I enrolled for a class with girls my same age who had been dancing there practically their whole lives. Turns out I had nothing to be afraid of :) this studio is like an ideal family. I'm almost 17 now & dancing with the Sunrise Ballet company thanks to the inspiring, supportive teachers & students there. The lack of competition leaves you to push yourself to be your own best, not "better than her." Everyone is very open and loving and we work very, VERY hard. The Hirschl School of Dance Arts is my second home where I can be who I want to be. I would recommend it to anyone of any age -- you'll find a new home, too :)

Erika K:
Sunrise Ballet performs the best Nutcracker in OC! The choreography, costumes, interpretation, and most of all the dancing, are absolutely stellar. Unless you want to shell out the cash ($75 and above) to go to the Performing Arts Center, then this is your best bet for a family holiday tradition. The Sunrise dancers are so talented, and the younger dancers are mixed in well to please their parents, but not to bore the rest of the audience. The Sunrise Ballet is a truly fantastic company!

Shannon E:
My daughter attends 2 classes a week here and has improved SO much. The quality of the teachers, the affordability of the classes and the 'family' feeling of the studio sets it apart from the rest.

Mr. Hirschl, I don’t know where to begin, except that my high school choir teacher once told me that family does not have to be a person who is blood-related to you. It can just be a person you love, you care about, and you appreciate. With that being said, I consider you to be family. Mr. Hirschl, I don’t know what I would do without you. It is because of you that I am who I am today and where I am in this world. You have played the biggest role in teaching me the art of ballet which in turn got me accepted into UC Irvine. You have shown me how far I can go and how endless my limits are. You have reassured me about the value of character, love, and morals. Lastly, and most important of all, you have accepted me and believed in me. First of all, I don’t know how I could ever repay you for all those things you have done for me. This book is my Christmas present from me to you. I know you said all you wanted for Christmas was for everyone to be happy and for us to put on a fantastic show, but I wanted to take this first step of appreciation. I
did not decide to give you this book because I think you are a bad teacher, nor with the intention of telling you how to teach. The dedication of this book from the author reads “For all those who devote their lives to placing passion and a love of life in the hearts and minds of others.”. Not only does that describe you, but I once heard you saying that you will be teaching until the day you die. To put it simply, I want to give you the gift of this book because it serves as a guide. Much like how you have guided me throughout my life. So Merry Christmas, Mr. Hirschl. I hope you enjoy the book and have a wonderful vacation. Talk to you soon and see you next year! Sincerest regards, Ken Nhu

"Dear Richard Hirschl, We absolutely love Hirschl Ballet! The studio is professional, friendly and caring, with a high caliber dance program. Our daughter thinks that Mr. Hirschl is the best teacher in the world!” From the
Smith Family

Dear Richard and Laurie Hirschl, As you often say: "Dancing is a process, not a destination"... how true. Thank you so much for creating an open, comfortable atmosphere. I have enjoyed learning from you, and have confidence that the work you do will impact others for years to come. I am quiet and introverted, but please know that I think you guys are fantastic. Warmly, Lydia Eng (Before moving out of country for work-related reasons)

Dear Richard and Laurie, "I want you to know how much I really appreciate this last ten years, and the contribution you have made to my life, as well as the lives of many others. When I first came to the studio, dance was just a fun activity, something to after school. But as the years have gone by, I have begun to realize what I was really getting from it: a real education. An education in how to think, how to feel, and how to express those feelings. It is something I am very thankful to have experienced. Both of you have been such a big part of my life for so long, I hope I can continue it even when I am miles away. Thank you for all the education, love and support you have given. I will miss you so much, but I promise to come back and visit!" Best wishes for the years to come,
Erin Fellows (Erin moved to San Francisco to pursue a career in commercial art)

Dear Mr. & Mrs. Hirschl, "I wanted to take the time to say thank you. Both of you have always inspired me to dance with all my heart and soul. I’ve enjoyed every class and I will never forget this wonderful studio. Thank you."
Sophie Oh (a note as she was leaving to go out of state to college)

Dear Richard and Laurie, "The Hirschl School of Dance Arts has given our daughter a sense of belonging. She began at a very young age and has grown into a "company" dancer with the school. While we can't get her to clean her room, we can't get her to stop dancing, she even dances in her head on the way to the Hirschl school! She has high respect for her teachers and classmates and they are her extended family members. We also believe her disciplined dance regimen has contributed to her ability to receive high marks in her academics as well. Thank you Mr. and Mrs. Hirschl for providing a place where our daughter lives out her dreams!"
Robert and Rhonda Rosenfeld

Dear Richard and Laurie Hirschl, "I have many goals for myself. HSDA has helped me reach many, and set new and higher goals. I’ve learned to respect myself, the art form, and the dance community."
Sarah Mann

My Hero, Mr. Hirschl
My ballet teacher is my hero.
ead this poem and you’ll see why I picked him.
e makes learning fun and easy by translating the French
like him because he spends time with the kids and he does the steps too.
Respect is special at his school. His S
unrise Ballet Theatre gives to the
ommunity. My hero is special to me because
e loves dance arts.
et’s Dance!” is special to me because he makes it fun.
By Durandy McConnell 2004-05 PTA Reflections Program Entry 3rd Grade  Mrs. DiMaria / Mrs. Friedrichs class

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