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Dress Code at Hirschl Ballet

List of items to have in a well-dressed dance bag (pdf)

Students to be ready (shoes/clothing/hair) before lesson starts.

1. For ladies levels Preparatory through level 6 ballet: Black leotard (no prints, skirts, tutus, attached or otherwise), pink tights & pink shoes.

2. Tight/form-fitting, solid black dance warm-ups may be worn at teacher discretion.

3. In cold weather, tight fitting dance oriented clothing (appropriate colors) may be worn.

4. For tap, modern, lyrical, hip-hop, jazz and adult levels of dance: solid colored tight-fitting dance attire is required.

5. Hair, for ballet levels 1~6: up in a proper bun & up before lesson begins.

6. Hair, for Preparatory dance, jazz, hip-hop, lyrical, tap and adult dance: up and off the face. (Pony tails, etc.)

7. Gentlemen: Black tights or bicycle pants, solid color T-shirt.

8. Loose jewelry or watches are not to be worn in any dance lesson.

9. The school is not responsible for any lost or broken items..

10. The teacher reserves the right to dismiss any student from lesson if they are not properly dressed, or are in any way being a distraction.

11. For safety and lesson flow, the teacher reserves the right to allow (or not allow) a student to participate in any lesson if they are late.

12. Drink & food: Only water is to be brought past the lobby area.

13. Gum chewing is strictly prohibited during any lesson.

14. The Hirschl School and staff are not responsible for minors left inside or outside the studio facility without supervision.