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Student Etiquette and Studio Rules of Conduct


The Hirschl School of Dance Arts:  Lesson Etiquette  Common-sense tips to keep lessons efficient: Our goal is having all students get the most of each lesson.

1. Get to the studio 10 minutes before your lesson begins. It will help you prepare physically and mentally. 

2. Have correct clothing & shoes on and hair up in a proper fashion for the type of dance you take before you step on the dance floor.

3. Act accordingly when at the studio. It will create the proper atmosphere- for you and everyone else.

4. Become the "dance student" the moment you step on the dance floor. Leave all non-dance-lesson issues outside of the classroom.

5. Focus on the lesson and do not be distracted. Treat the art with respect and it will reward you.

6. Do not disturb or distract the teacher or students during or in-between lessons. If you need to speak with the teacher, leave a note in the box, call, or arrange an appointment to meet at a mutually convenient time.

7. If a student must leave early, the teacher must be notified before the lesson starts.

8. Fulfill restroom and drink functions before the lesson begins.

9. Observers (friends & family) must watch from the lobby area unless otherwise noted. Regular direct observation is a distraction to the teacher and students.

10. Set importance on regular attendance. Missing lessons will create gaps in your training causing a disturbance in the flow of your educational process.

11. Make sure you are taking the correct amount & level of lessons to assure safe and nominal progression. (See the "Lesson Disclaimer" article) Ask Mr. Hirschl directly for consultation & evaluation.

12. Missed lessons must be excused in advance by phone or e-mail. There are no make ups for unexcused absences. Verbal excuses (telling the teacher) are not accepted.

13. Make sure you have everything you need in your dance beg. (See "The Well-Dressed Dance Bag" article)

Commitment and dedication will be rewarded by a fulfilling dance experience.

Attending lessons is a privilege, not a right.

"Lesson Etiquette & "The Well-Dressed Dance Bag"

"Lesson Load Disclaimer" Article