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HSDA News as of February 20th, 2018

CLOSED: Thursday, Friday & Saturday, March 29th, 30th & 31st. Makeup lessons are not needed. Check the HSDA Policy sheet for details.


HSDA Recital Non-Participation Information

 Question: “Is recital participation mandatory?”  Answer: No. Our recitals are never mandatory.

"If my child is not in recital, do they still learn the dance?"  Answer: Yes, if they are in a participating class, they do. The dances are broken into small parts, and the technique of each individual step is corrected on all students that take the lessons, whether they are in recital or not. They still derive benefit and progress as students in classes. And they still dance during lessons: There is no "sit time" just because they are not in the actual dance. In addition, we also have several classes in each level that are non-participatory. In this way students can do makeup lessons, and we can accommodate any new students starting during this time.

Question: "Does my child need to be in the Nutcracker?" Answer: No. The Nutcracker production is not a recital, and is not done by the Hirschl School of Dance. It is a full-length ballet production, produced by the Sunrise Ballet, a 501C-3 non-profit organization. They hold free & open-to-the public auditions- students from several OC studios perform with Sunrise Ballet. They use our studio facility for rehearsals. Normally about one quarter of HSDA students perform with them.

The HSDA is doing it's own version of "Summer Dance Arts Education" this year, but it will not be at any specific times/days. You can take a series of extra classes (in addition to your regular regimen at a greatly reduced rate during the summer months.

Advantages: 1. The cost is far less. 2. You can make your own custom schedule in the summer (and still go on that family vacation). 3. You will have great teachers that already have the signature of your child (exactly what needs to be worked on) rather than someone from outside that will be "flying blind" with your child. 4. You will get progress reports that show the status from multiple aspects. 5. There will be several guest teachers coming in for master classes. 6. There will be Lecture/seminars on a variety of pertaining subjects. 7. More convenient drive/travel time. 8. Any age/level student can take advantage to this (Real intensives start at 12 years old at the youngest). 9. No need to audition, since we already know the student's abilities better than anyone else. 10. You can take one extra class per week or a dozen!

Contact Mr. Hirschl personally for details: info@hirschlballet.com

Our group (Kendall, Giana, Kayla T, Kayla C, Shay, Amelia, Mallory) has finished their extra long weekend with the Youth America Grand Prix event & master classes! Yes, it was a competition (of sorts), but they primarily compete against themselves (as it should be!). Congratulations to them for the time and effort, to Mrs. Thiede for the costumes and a Great big thank you to Mrs. Hirschl and Sarah Mann!

Our YAGP dancers

Mr. H & Stephanie Saland

Body alignment class

Mrs. Saland & Shay

Closed Days and Special Events: HSDA 2018 Calendar 

We are on the semester system for lesson curriculum. New students may begin lessons any time during the year. Tuition is separate from the semester system can be and paid year round. Students must be enrolled in specific lesson days & times during the semester. Brand new students starting during mid-semester must speak directly to Mr. Hirschl for details.

Click here for details on the Semester system

How to Start Lessons and Registration & Policy Form

Going to miss your class? EXCUSE YOURSELF in advance by e-mail at: info@hirschlballet.com

There is a proven symbiotic relationship between an arts education and academics. One feeds and nurtures the other; Both equally important to a well-rounded life.

Ballet for kids & adults: Stress and anxiety reduction & lowering blood pressure

ZUMBA Classes: Mondays & Wednesdays, taught by Zumba certified instructor Pearlene Brar. Classes are $5 each!

Are you HOME SCHOOLED? The Hirschl School of Dance Arts is a certified vendor for Sky Mountain, I-Lead and Excel!

Contact us at info@hirschlballet.com for details.

Student Evaluations: All active HSDA students in leveled ballet taking the recommended amount of classes* undergo basic evaluations to determine correct class placement to assure the most value and progression. Basic evaluations are approximately every 12-16 weeks during regular lessons. Full evaluations are available by appointment, and include a written summary of findings. Full evaluations are $65 per student and are done by Mr. Hirschl.

*Details on taking the recommended amount of classes are on the website under “Standardized Levels in Ballet” on the “About Us” page.

The Nutcracker on YouTube- The whole story in 5 minutes!

Girl Scouts!
Field Trips and educational lecture/demonstrations are available at HSDA! Completely FREE! Contact us for information.

Girl Scout troops (Discount includes troop leaders, accompanying parents & siblings) also get tickets at HALF PRICE!

Nutcracker PATCHES are also available: $1 each.
Troop leaders: When ordering tickets, make sure to get them by mail or by coming in to the Sunrise Ballet facility.

Click here to watch the full length Sunrise Ballet Nutcracker 2017 on YouTube!

HSDA Window sticker

HSDA Auto Window sticker
(4" diameter). Just ask Mr. Hirschl next time you come in to the studio! They are heavy vinyl (not paper), so they come off very easily.


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