Adult ballet at Hirschl Ballet

YouTube clip of Adult Ballet class December 19th, 2015

Adult Ballet Class on YouTube March 20th, 2013

The Hirschl School of Dance Arts offers real "adult" ballet classes. These classes are comprised mainly of adult students that have danced in the past, then taken 10, 20 or more years off. We also have special classes for complete beginning adults that have never had the happy experience or opportunity of taking classical ballet before.
These are true traditional ballet lessons, not just "exercise classes with ballet flavoring". Barre & center work, steps across the floor, and correct French terms are used. Students set their own pace. These classes are aerobic & anaerobic, providing work on strength, flexibility, cardio-vascular & neuro-muscular endurance, coordination and balance. 
Adults take ballet for a variety of reasons: For the exercise of mind & bodythe artstress reduction, or just to escape and do something for themselves. There are side benefits of taking ballet! Dancing would include an enhanced ability to think more clearly. Taking ballet has been proven to help the mind think more clearly- something that could be an asset in a college classroom or office at work.

Students have noted
increases in their abilities with academics when taking ballet. Scientific studies have also been done linking dancing with a decrease in Alzheimer's disease and an effective increase in improved sleep patterns

Adult Ballet Class

Theresia, Feb 2013 (Had her baby March 9th)



Kristy (due June 6th) and Payal (due May 16th), Feb. 2013

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