Lesson Schedule and Tuition

Contact Mr. Hirschl directly BEFORE starting, adding, changing or doing a makeup lesson.

How to START lessons at the Hirschl School

Our dress code: What to wear to classes.

Types & levels of classes offered at HSDA

Teachers of the Hirschl School

Private lessons at the Hirschl School

Real "Adult" Ballet classes at HSDA

Information concerning taking the right amount of classes in ballet (PDF)

click here to view lesson schedule & tuition as of 1-24-2017 (PDF)

Tuition is by family. Contact Mr. Hirschl directly for details. We will move students to any level that will be most appropriate and applicable. (Sorry, Mom; that's not your job!) All students are regularly evaluated to make sure they are in classes they will get the most value & progress and in an environment they will be able to self-challenge themselves. Students taking the correct amount of lessons per week for their level will be level-assigned.

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