Class Schedule & Tuition:

The schedule is for reference only. Contact Mr. Hirschl before starting or changing lessons. All students must be registered before taking any classes.
Reminder: 90% of what you should be looking for is the best school for you. The other 10% is finding convenient class times (not the other way around!)

Registration/Policy forms:

Registration to fill out before starting, Policy form has details on tuition, makeup lessons and dress code. Calendar has closed days and special events for 2019. The registration form must be filled out and signed before taking any lessons, even if only trying out.

Questions? E-mail Mr. Hirschl directly & get answers:

Starting is easy! Print out the Registration (below), or fill one out when you come in. E-mail us in advance to make sure the class has openings. All students 6 to 17 years old with prior ballet experience need an assessment/evaluation to get them into the class level they will get the most value from. Observers welcome any time!