Barre-Barre! Adult Fitness


So... what is "Barre-Barre?
It's for people with no dance experience and dancers who want a workout. We’ve distilled a real ballet class. NO combinations, nothing technical, nothing complicated!

“Barre-Barre” is not regimented like other barre methods. There’s no “scripting” the way they do at all the other barre methods.

You are you; With your own unique strengths, stamina, flexibility, abilities and limits. We won’t push you to (or bore you with!) someone else’s limits. Our certified teachers find, and then push you to your own unique limits.

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 All classes are $6 each.
We are currently taking a hiatus from the Barre-Barre at this time. The lessons will start up again January 2017!
In the meantime, we do have ULTRA-BEGINNER ADULT BALLET Wednesdays at 6:30pm and Saturdays at 9:30am.

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