Ten Powerful Ways Adults Benefit From Taking Passive Stretch Sessions at Hirschl School:
1. STRENGTH. Gradual increase of strength will make your movements more fluid, both in dance class and in your everyday life.
2. ENDURANCE. Adult students have seen improvement in their stamina and neuromuscular endurance. You may be pleasantly surprised at how effortlessly you can walk up multiple flights of stairs.
3. COORDINATION. When you utilize the stabilizing strength, you get a nice side effect: improved coordination. In a world full of computers and phones, it’s easy to feel disconnected from your body.
4. FLEXIBILITY. The main emphasis of this is devoted to stretching, so it seems natural one’s flexibility would improve. It’s not always about getting splits all the way; any improvement is a definite asset!
5. POSTURE. Good posture is always an asset. Students will often tell us that they have improved posture due to increases in core/postural strength and body awareness.
6. IMPROVED POSITIVE ENERGY. Ballet releases powerful endorphins which can lift one’s spirit.
7. COGNITIVE DEVELOPMENT. Adult ballet students feel an increased sharpness in their cognitive function. This is due to the mental processing one must accomplish in class. Medical studies show that passive stretching and conditioning training can possibly slow or prevent Alzheimer’s. 
8. WEIGHT LOSS & BODY IMAGE. Muscle tone is gently improved. The great thing to know is anyone can do this, and that health can be achieved at every size, shape or age!
9. CONFIDENCE. You would think that this would deflate confidence, but results consistently show the opposite. Adult students are often telling us that they’ve experienced an increase in their self-confidence, and feel better about themselves. Realizing that you can still get a gentle at any point in your body condition is a huge confidence boost.
10. CLEAR MIND/SENSE OF CALM. Recent scientific studies have proven that basic exercise and gentle stretching can increase your overall life satisfaction. The focus needed to properly achieve movements clears the mind, like meditation. Students report a better sense of well-being after class well beyond the time spent in the session. Taking adult body conditioning is a great form of stress relief. The combination of realistic physical and concentration required help clear my mind, no matter how preoccupied. Adult students can get a few hours of being able to turn their brain off and just be in the moment.
Stressed? Maybe this is the solution!

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