Since 1972, the HSDA has been run as a place of education. Our success is defined by the accomplishments and satisfaction of our Patrons: HSDA students and parents. Our purpose & goal is to provide development of individual potential in a professional, yet positive environment. Equal emphasis, attention and respect is given to all- regardless of talent, age, level, potential, physique, or reason for taking. We provide the opportunity to have students become the best version of themselves using proper guidance and mentorship with integrity. We see students, not as they are now- but as they shall become- at their fullest possible potential.
   Equal emphasis, attention and respect is given to all students, regardless of talent, age, level, potential, physique or reason for taking.
   For whatever reason they take, all students should dance for the enjoyment. Over the years, HSDA students have learned from us, and then joined directly with numerous prestigious groups: Pittsburg Ballet, Joffrey Ballet, Long Beach Ballet, Stuttgart Ballet, New York City Ballet, School of American Ballet/New York, San Francisco Ballet, Houston Ballet and Princeton Ballet. Many have also used our methodology and teacher training on to become reputable teachers in their own right. All HSDA students receive the same quality of education, no matter why they are taking dance.
   Choosing the right school is an IMPORTANT DECISION. It is an investment of time, effort and money. The right teacher and school can produce a physically and emotionally enjoyable experience, filled with many positive side effects that will be enjoyed for a lifetime.
   We understand the SIGNIFICANCE of what we do. Whether you pursue dance as a career or simply for the joy of the art, HSDA standards will not vary. Students get a sense of accomplishment from each lesson as well as the long-term of the training process.
   We include "thinking" in the process. Our teachers do more than teach the steps to “appear” correct. (Like a sculptor shaping his piece of marble to take its form: The marble has no mind of its own, so the teacher would not need to explain the process.) At the Hirschl School, we include the why & how, with complete explanations of how to think each step through. HSDA students learn how steps are executed correctly by engaging and correctly using the right sets of muscles.
   We take dancing “EN POINTE” very seriously, with important factors taken into consideration. Information is available to the public at no cost or obligation.
   Progression: Students are moved by individual evaluation & assessment. They get moved up when they have mastered the curriculum of that level according to HSDA standards, rather than by class or age.
   New students with prior experience are put into classes they will get the most value and challenge, rather than starting anew. This is done with placement evaluation and assessment and is done free of charge or obligation at HSDA.
A student begins a “formal” dance education between 6 and 8 years old. All training started earlier provides a valuable & solid foundation for their future education in the dance arts. Students learn to explore their own individual levels of capacity but are not pushed beyond safe or realistic boundaries. They are guided to their highest potential dependent upon level of commitment and are enlightened to the many valuable extra benefits of a proper education in the dance arts. After the “preparatory” levels in dance, teaching a “combination lesson” would only serve to skim highlights & not do justice to full curriculum of either form.
   Our resident performing group, the SUNRISE BALLET was founded in 1987 & became a California non-profit 501-C3 organization in 1989. The SB has & open-to-the-public auditions. It uses talented local dancers for all parts in productions, and does not need to “hire out” for lead roles. (Why should the best parts be taken away from aspiring & deserving dancers?) The SB enriches with entertainment & education, and gives back to the community with donations to worthy causes. Visit the Sunrise Ballet web site for more information.
   Competitions: HSDA is highly competitive. We stimulate our students to strive for self-improvement. We believe anyone who loves to dance and has chosen to do so is already a winner! We do not participate in “competitions”, but we do have students & teachers from competition-based studios that take with us to enhance their abilities in their competition events.
   We treat dance as a physically demanding art form rather than a competitive athletic event.
   At the Hirschl School of Dance Arts, we follow, and meet or exceed the Physical Education Model Content Standards for California Public Schools grades Kindergarten Through Grade Twelve and the and Performing Arts Content Standards for California Public Schools (Dance Content Standards) as Adopted by the California State Board of Education January 2001.
The Best Dreams of a Dancer will be had
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