Why Should You Take Dance?
Simple: All the extras you get from the experience.
~ Improved cognitive function: Better academics and clearer mental process.
~ Proper body posture and alignment
~ Eye-hand/eye-foot motor coordination & spatial cognition
~ Improved strength, balance and flexibility
~ Musicality, rhythm and timing
~ Self-confidence and a positive body awareness
~ Lengthening attention span
~ Stress and anxiety relief
~ Exposure to the classical arts, music & dance
Students learn the enjoyment of dance and how to express themselves in a positive and constructive manner. These assets will help the student in many aspects of life, far beyond the dance class.
There is a strong symbiotic relationship between a proper dance arts education and an academic education: One balances the other. What we teach goes far beyond simply teaching dance steps. We make a valuable, enjoyable and memorable experience and a worthwhile & rewarding investment for all our students!
What Makes Us Unique
Knowledgeable teachers with the right purpose: Our Teachers are educators, not glorified demonstrators. We teach from an academic as well as artistic standpoint.
Open for regular lessons year-round: We don't close for the summer.
We use a "build-up" rather than a "tear-down" method emotionally & physically, using curriculum and methodology that challenges, yet stays within safe and realistic boundaries. This includes positive self-confidence and a healthy self-image.
Well organized and well planned recitals and productions to provide a happy and memorable experience to students, parents & audience.
Security cameras and windows for each dance floor and separate television monitors for each in the lobby.
All dance floors professionally built cushioned sub-floors beneath Stagestep dance floor material for safe and healthy dancing.
Each floor has its own air-conditioning unit and is soundproofed.
Lessons that start and end on time: We respect you and understand that your time is valuable. We will be punctual with lessons, rehearsals and events. 
What we are, and what we're not.
The Hirschl Ballet is a “serious recreational” school. We invite students of any age or level to take with us. The desire to dance is for the artistic pleasure, of self discovery, and of self expression. Dancers get to know their instrument (their body) in great intimate detail. They explore and discover its’ wonders, beauty and capabilities.
We do not press students into becoming professional ballet dancers. We believe this art should be of intrinsic value to the individual, physically, spiritually and emotionally, as an end in itself.
We have a considerable following of highly academic students. Many keep dancing into adulthood for the pure enjoyment it gives them.
We work with each student to find a schedule that works effectively... without hindering academic progress.
We do not engage in competitions. We treat dance as a physically demanding art form rather than a competitive event. We train our students to be self-competitive, to enjoy the process of self-challenge and self-improvement.
Why Should You Choose Hirschl Ballet:
   We are run as a place of education, and define our success by the accomplishments and satisfaction of our students and parents. Our purpose & goal is to provide development of individual potential in a professional and positive environment. Equal emphasis, attention and respect is given to all- regardless of talent, age, level, potential, physique, or reason for taking. We provide the opportunity to have students become the best version of themselves using proper guidance and mentorship with integrity.
   For whatever reason they take, all students should dance for the enjoyment. All HSDA students receive the same quality of education, no matter why they are taking dance.
   Choosing the right school is an IMPORTANT DECISION. It is an investment of time, effort and money. The right teacher and school can produce a physically and emotionally enjoyable experience, filled with many positive side effects that will be enjoyed for a lifetime.
   Students are moved up by individual evaluation & assessment. They get moved up when they have mastered the curriculum of that level according to HSDA standards, rather than by class or age. New students with prior experience are put into classes they will get the most value and challenge. This is done with individual evaluation and assessment.
   A student begins a “formal” dance education between 6 and 7 years old. Starting earlier provides a valuable foundation for their future education. Students learn to explore their own individual levels of capacity but are not pushed beyond safe or realistic boundaries.
Dance is supposed to let you breath freely,
not give you an asthma attack.

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Giving all students the opportunity
to become the best version of themselves.
“What Matters”
There will be those who tell you what you do is not good;
     Do good anyway.
There will be those who tell you what you do is not important;
     Be of importance anyway.
There will be times when your patience feels at an end;
     Be patient anyway.
There will be times you feel you are not enriching or adding value to others;
     Enrich and add anyway.
There will be many who need to tell you something;
     Enrich the both of you by truly listening.
There will not be adequate financial rewards to what you do;
     Find better, more meaningful, and more important rewards.
There will be people, things and situations outside your sphere of influence;
     Tend to what’s inside your sphere, and it will expand.
There will be those who point out your faults;
     Listen to the words and become better from them.
There will be those who are not kind, and do not respect you;
     Be kind and respectful anyway.
There will be those who think you could have done something better;
     Listen with an open mind and decide if the words have merit.
There will be setbacks and obstacles to your goal;
     Let them make you stronger and more resourceful for next time.
There will be many who measure your success in a materialistic fashion;
     Find your own measurement of success.
There will be those who only compare you to others;
     Compare your present self only to your past self.
There be those who see your professional work as “cute and fun”;
     Be professional anyway.
There will be those who question your lack of knowledge;
     Have the wisdom to make good use of the knowledge you possess.
There will be some that you will not be able to reach;
     Try to reach them anyway.
There will be those who will judge you;
     Your only true judge is your God.
There will be those who ask you why you do this;
     You already know why.
When it all comes down to it, what they say or think or feel about you
     is not the measuring stick.
What matters is what you do, how you do it & why,
     with the time and energy you have.
What matters is that you are in a process of becoming
     the best version of yourself.
What matters is that you will have hopefully touched, enriched
     and added value to others.
What matters is not what you take from this world,
     but what you bring into it.
Richard Hirschl June 8th, 2008

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